Why PV Energy

The advantages of a PV Energy Home

There is no energy source more environmentally friendly than the sun and there is no other company in the UK as well qualified to deliver the benefits of this energy into your home as PV Energy.

Clean and green solar power is a renewable, sustainable and non polluting source of energy and solar PV (photovoltaic) panels are the most efficient way of capturing this energy.

The best way to deliver maximum cost benefits with minimum fuss is by installing the unique PV Energy Solar Home system.

It is easy to see the appeal of solar power but there is more to it than that. Turn your home into a PV Energy HOME and it will:-

Pay you up to £167** tax free per year

The UKs Government FiT (Feed in Tariff) guarantees payments to individuals for every unit of green electricity their home produces, tax free and index linked to inflation for the next 20 years.

Cut your energy bills in half

An average family can expect to generate up to 50% of their household's electrical energy, thereby making a significant saving on electricity bills. A saving of around £304** per year

Earn you additional payments from your energy supplier

Any excess electricity your PV Energy solar system produces will be exported back into the grid earning you an additional regular income on a 4Kw system this could give you an extra £92** payment per year

Total benefit of around £563 per year**

Made up from the FiT Payment (£167) + export Payment (£92) and finally the savings made by using your own generated energy (£304)

**based on a south facing 4Kw system using the FiT of 4.39p/kW

Why PV Energy