R P Bennett

Dear Teresa

Photovoltaic installation

Our system was installed just after the severe winter weather at the end of 2010, and I should start by praising your installers (including scaffolders) for the patient and dogged way that they worked in really unpleasant weather.

Since installation, the system has operated as expected despite the grey summer, and it has now generated just over 1500 kwh. The expected financial return is on track.

I have been glad to be supplied by a local company, and particularly one that has been so willing to respond to queries. You were patiently helpful in explaining some readings that were entirely valid, but not what I had expected. Then, when our inverter started showing some erratic results, you accepted this and replaced it promptly before performance became an issue. I think your customer service has been excellent.

I will be happy to discuss our experience with any prospective customer

Yours sincerely

R.P. Bennett

R P Bennett