Solar PV is a clean and silent power source that cannot only deliver a significant return on investment when fitted to a school roof, but also reduce its carbon footprint by a significant amount.

Extensive experience of fitting PV on school roofs has given Solar PVE a great understanding of the unique challenges faced during such an installation. Of course any roof top system must be 100% secure, be symmetrical and professional looking, must have completely sealed and safe wiring system. But at PVE we know installing solar on a school needs much more care and attention and a small example of this is producing and working to method statements and rick assessments thus ensuring the minimum of disruption during the school day is achieved or if preferred to work during the weekend or during holiday periods.

Our experience in optimising the most efficient solar panels and inverters to deliver outstanding performance has been recently proven following a survey conducted on a cross section of our customers solar installations. Between the 1st of January and 15th of September 2012 the average system was performing 7.9% better than our prediction, giving customers an even better return – to read more about this please click here

Our surveyors will asses each building for its suitability and will then send a quotation by post that will not only confirm the cost (no hidden extras) but also include the predicted yield of the solar system, thus customers know in advance what the benefit will be in monetary and carbon reduction terms before they commit. As a guide, a typical 9.36Kw solar system fitted to a school will cost in the region of £15,000 plus VAT and will deliver cash and energy savings benefits of over £60,000 during the 20 year period of the Feed in Tariff.


Please don’t be persuaded by an unbelievably cheap offer to install solar. Sadly since 2011 many PV install companies have shut their doors. The long term guarantees they provided are now worthless. You need to be assured that your installer will be around in years to come to ensure that system problems are resolved quickly to maintain your investment. Please click here to find out more about cheap installations.

Naturally, we appreciate that many new customers sensibly ask for a references. We have many customer testimonials than can be seen by clicking here. We also have an extensive register of referee’s so that we can put potential customers directly in touch with existing customers to have a one to one chat about us, our products and the service we provide. Not many solar installers are willing to do that!

Taylor made solutions that can include remote data logging, monitoring, 20 year maintenance and servicing programs are also available.

Please call 01684 774006 or email for more information or to book a free, no obligation solar assessment.