Cost and Prices

1. How quickly will a solar PV energy system pay back the cost of installation?

We estimate that an average system takes roughly 9-11 years to pay for itself, after which it will make money for its owner for the remainder of its life.

2. How much will I save?

Savings depend on how much you pay for electricity at the moment and how much electricity prices increase in the future. In most cases a solar PV system will save up to 70% of the household’s electrical energy.

3. What is the cost of a solar PV system?

Most homeowners install a system of between 2-3kWp. The cost of installation will vary according to how easy or difficult it is to access the roof and the technology or product you choose. Typically, the cost to supply and install a PV Energy system will cost £1375 - £1750 per Kwp.